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Do I need to keep my sales receipt?
Since every XS powercard has its own unique identification number (PCID), it is okay if you lose your online sales receipt. However, it would be very helpful if you would not discard the conformation email with your receipt.
How long does my warranty last? Can I extend my warranty?
The XS powercardTM limited warranty is 6 months. However, if you register your product online through the Product Registration form on our website, you will qualify for extended warranty of a total of 9 months from the date of shipment.
How do I arrange for my warranty claim?
If your XS powercardTM has a technical issue during the 6 months it is under limited warranty (9 months for extended warranty), you may fill out the Technical Support form on our website. Once you have done so, we will ask you for further information to conclude whether this is a warranty issue or not. If it is, we will ship you a brand new product at our expense!
Where can I get more information on warranties?
This information can be found by clicking: ORDERS > WARRANTY, or simply by clicking here.
What information do I provide when calling for warranty service?
You need to have your email address and PCID located on the back of the product (if you paid via credit card).
What is PCID?
PCID stands for Powercard ID, a unique identification code that is different for every XS powercard. Xyra uses it for inventory management and customer referencing purposes.

XS powercard FAQs

Will the XS powercard work on my phone?
Yes, if your phone has a Micro USB port or a Lightening Connector port, it will charge your phone. The XS powercard will charge all Micro USB port phones and Lightening Connector phones at the stated rates and times as long as they do not require an input current of 2 amps. There are very few phones that require an input current of 2 amps (e.g.) If this is the case, the XS powercard will work on your phone but will charge your phone slower than usual.
Where can I buy the XS powercard from?
Initially, crowdfunding website, Indiegogo, will allow you pre-order this device at a discounted price. To do this, just click on the PRE-ORDER ON INDIEGOGO button on the menu bar. It will direct you straight to our Indiegogo campaign where you can pre-order the XS powercard in Limited Edition and even in bulk for huge discounts. After the campaign ends, you will be able to pre-order the product through our website.
Which version of the XS powercard should I buy?
The XS powercard is available in two versions: Micro USB (works with Android, Samsung S3/S4, HTC, Blackberry, etc.) and Lightening Connector (works with iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus). If your phone has a generic Micro USB charging port, please purchase the Micro USB version, and if your phone has a Lightening Connector charging port, please purchase the Lightening Connector version.
Does the XS powercard charge my phone to a 100%?
The XS powercard has a 2200mAh battery. Since every phone has a different battery capacity (iPhone 5S = 1560mAh Blackberry Z10 = 1800mAh, Samsung Galaxy S4 = 2600mAH), Xyra cannot guarantee if all phones will be charged to a 100%.

For iPhone 5/5S/5C:

Fast charge: 100%    

Standard charge: 125%
For Samsung Galaxy S4:

Fast charge: 65%     

  Standard charge: 80%
For Blackberry Z10:

Fast charge: 90%     

Standard charge: 115%

*We repeatedly got these results during our testing period. It may vary depending on your usage, open apps, etc.
How long will the XS powercard take to charge my phone?
The XS powercard has a 2200mAh battery. To help quantify this number: it is approximately 1.4 times the size of the iPhone 5S’ battery (1560mAh). Since every phone has a different battery capacity, Xyra cannot promise how long it will take to charge your phone.

For iPhone 5/5S/5C:

Fast charge: 2 hrs     

Standard charge: 3 hrs
For Samsung Galaxy S4:

Fast charge: 2 hrs     

  Standard charge: 3 hrs
For Blackberry Z10:

Fast charge: 2:30 hrs     

Standard charge: 2.40 hrs

The XS powercard will go from 100 to 0% in 2 hours in fast charge mode, and 3 hours in standard charge mode. Allowing your phone to remain plugged in for this duration will ensure that all of the XS powercard’s power has been utilized to charge your phone.
*We repeatedly got these results during our testing period. It may vary depending on your usage, open apps, etc.
How long will it take to charge the XS powercard?
This depends on the device you plug the XS powercard into. Connecting the XS powercard to a computer/laptop’s USB port will allow the device to charge from 0 to 100% between 3-4 hours. Newer computers/laptops are equipped with USB 3.0 (Faster) in comparison to older devices that are equipped with USB 2.0 (Slower than USB 3.0). The XS powercard may also be charged by connecting it to a wall socket through a USB adapter. However, this is not recommended as manufacturers have their own version of the USB ports embedded in these devices, which may not be fully compatible with the XS powercard, forcing the XS powercard to charge at a slower rate. This will not, however, harm the XS powercard or your phone in any way.
What are the key features of the XS powercard ?
Fits in your wallet
No additional cables required
Detachable Data Storage (8/16/32 GB)
Data Transfer (USB sync)
Toggle switch for Fast or Standard Charge
Single Port and Smart Charging
Tri-color LED indication
Protects your phone and itself from over charge
Talk and Text while charging your phone
Note: Features explained in other FAQ
What do you mean by ‘No additional cables required’?
The XS powercard’s design includes the USB cable (that plugs into your PC) as well as the Micro USB/Lightening Connector cable (that plugs into your phone). Therefore, you do not need to carry any additional cables with you. Both cables are embedded into the device’s dimensions. It’s all in your wallet!
What is the difference between Fast and Standard Charge?
Fast Charge is a feature included for those people who do not have the time, in the middle of their busy day, to leave their phone around to charge. Fast charge, as the name suggests, charges your phone at the fastest rate (Output Power = 1A) without damaging your phone’s battery (unless your phone requires a 2A input power). The Standard Charge mode charges your phone at 0.55A. However, the fast charging comes with a penalty in efficiency. The XS powercard’s efficiency reduces by around 30% while in fast charge mode. For example, if the XS Powercard is capable of charging your phone to a 100% while in standard charge mode, it will only charge your device to 70% while in fast charge mode. However, it is important to note, that you can save as much as an hour of charging time while charging your device in fast charge mode, reaching the alleged 70% much faster than while charging in the standard charging mode.
What do you mean by Single Port and Single Port Smart Charging?
Single Port Charging is one of the coolest features of the XS powercard. It was included to allow easy integration into your life and save you the trouble of charging two devices (your phone and a portable charger) every night. The XS powercard has two connectors. One is a USB connector that would fit into a laptop’s/computer’s USB Port, or to a wall socket through an adapter. The other end is the connector that fits into your phone. Single Port Smart Charging means that if connected to both (any USB port and your phone), the XS powercard will first prioritize and direct power to your phone allowing it to charge from 0-100%. Once your phone is completely charged (i.e. it is at 100%), it will redirect power to itself, and charge itself to 100%. Hence, by swapping the XS powercard for your existing USB cable (that you use to charge your phone every night), you can ensure that you wake up to both devices being completely charged. No new habits. Just remember to charge your phone and the XS powercard gets charged in the process.
What do the LED indicators suggest?
There are three LED indicators: Red, Blue, and Green (Dim and Bright):
Red: This is the low battery indicator. From the instant it turns on, the XS powercard has 20% battery left.
Blue: This is charging indicator. It suggests that the XS powercard is being charged.
Dim Green: This LED is constantly on when the XS powercard is above 20% (even while charging your phone)
Bright Green: This LED comes on when the XS powercard is completely charged i.e. 100%
How do I know which device (my phone or the XS Powercard) is being charged during single port charging?
The XS powercard has a tri-colored LED indicator i.e. Red, Blue, and Green (Dim and Bright).
If the XS powercard is above 20% (even if it is charging your phone), a dim green light on the XS powercard will be on.
If the XS powercard is charging, the blue will be on. When the XS powercard is at 100%, a bright green light will show.
When the XS powercard’s battery is at 20% or below, a red light will be displayed.
What do you mean by the XS powercard is equipped with data storage?
The XS powercard’s design contains a utility slot in which we provide you with and 8GB flash drive. You can upgrade your storage to 16GB and 32GB for an additional cost.
Is the Flash Drive detachable? Why?
Yes, the flash drive is detachable. The reason we did this was because it facilitates easier data sharing. You can store files on your XS powercard by plugging the flash drive into your PC’s USB port. Therefore, you always have your important files in your wallet. In case you need to share this data, you can just hand over the flash drive rather than handing over the entire XS powercard. Our advice: Don’t forget to ask for it back!
Can I talk/text while charging my phone?
Yes. In fact, you can use your phone with no restrictions while the XS powercard is charging it. The sleek form factor of the XS powercard allows the user to conveniently place the device between their palm and their phone while holding the phone up to their ear to talk and text while charging.
What is the most optimum way to use the XS powercard?
The lower your phone’s battery percentage is, the more power it will draw from the XS powercard. For instance, say you are looking to charge your phone by 30%. Charging your phone from 20-50% will consume more power than charging your phone from 70-100%. However, please remember the XS powercard is completely capable of charging your phone from 0%. The XS powercard is designed to be a daily charger. In order to get the most convenience from the XS powercard, it is important for the user to exploit the potential of Single Port Charging. By using the XS powercard instead of your existing USB cable to charge your phone prior to sleeping, the user ensures that he will wake up to both devices being completely charged. This ensures that the user will have the XS powercard to use on a ‘daily’ basis.
Is it easy to use?
The XS powercard is very easy to use. It has 3 operation modes.
i. Plug it into your phone, and it will begin charging your phone
ii. Plug it into a USB Port, and it will draw power from the USB Port to charge itself
iii. Single Port charging: Plug it into the phone and the USB Port, and it will first allow your phone to charge to a 100% and then charge itself to a 100%. One port, dual charging You can also transfer data between your computer and phone or vice versa while connected to both devices.
Can I use it as my daily charger? How many charge cycles will the XS powercard last for? Are the batteries replaceable?
Yes. The XS powercard has been designed to make technology work for you. Its standby time until discharge is 6 months and the battery cycle life is 500+ cycles. Single Port Charging is a key feature which allows the user to use the XS powercard as a daily charger. Finally, no, the batteries are not replaceable since the device is ultrasonically welded together.
Can the XS powercard be used for all the Micro USB phones?
Yes, the XS powercard is capable of charging all Micro USB devices. However, if these devices require 2 amp input charging, the XS powercard will not work as fast as it normally does.
Will the XS powercard work with my phone case?
The XS powercard’s embedded cables are specifically designed to fit perfectly in the design of the device. The mouths of the Micro USB and Lightening Connector tips (part attached to the metal tip) are 10mm wide x 5.5mm thick. The XS powercard is case friendly and will work with official phone cases.
Does the XS powercard transfer data?
Of course it does! You are able to transfer/sync data between your smartphone and computer device.
What is PCID? Where can I find it?
PCID stands for Powercard ID, a unique identification code that is different for every XS powercard. Xyra uses it for inventory management and customer referencing purposes. It can be found on the back of the device, in the bottom right corner.
Will the card act dysfunctional if dropped?
Just like any electronic device, Xyra cannot guarantee that no harm will come from dropping the XS powercard. We have tried to make the device as robust as possible while achieving our design goals. Our advice: just be careful.
Won’t the card be damaged if sat upon?
The XS powercard has been tested vigorously, and the team is very confident that it will live up to its intended application. However, for legal reasons, we cannot give our customers a 100% guarantee, so we would like to reassure you with 99.99%.
Is the device virus free? If not, can it harm my phone in any way?
The XS powercard is an analog device and will never be infected by a virus.
Does the card get too hot at times?
A slight rise in temperature is expected and is considered normal behavior while charging the XS powercard.
Is the device shock and waterproof?
No, the device is neither shock nor waterproof.

XL Reversible USB Syncing Cable FAQs

Is the Lightning Connector version of the cable compatible with all Apple products?
The cable is compatible with all Apple products that have a Lightning Connector input.
Is the Micro USB version of the cable compatible with all Micro USB devices?
Yes, it is.
What do you mean by reversible?
The USB end of the cable can fit into a USB port both right side up and upside down (dual oriented).
What material is the cable made of?
The cable is covered in a thickened fabric jacket, which is then sealed with a plastic layer resulting an extremely durable cable.
Is it waterproof?
All XL Reversible USB syncing cables are waterproof. However, do not connect the cable to any USB port, smartphones, tablets and/or other compatible devices unless the cable is completely dry. Water and moisture may cause erroneous electrical connections.
Is the Lightning Connector version of the cable compatible with iOS 9?
Yes, the cable is compatible with iOS 9 and ALL other versions of iOS. It is an authentic Apple cable that will update itself with each Apple software update and hence will be compatible with iOS 9 and future iOS versions.
How long is the cable?
The cable is 1.5 meters long.
Will it work with my phone case?
The tips were designed to fit into original phone cases.
Does the cable transfer data between phone and PC?
Yes, it is a USB syncing cable.
How fast will it charge my phone/tablet?
Built to USB specifications, the XL Reversible USB Syncing cable will charge your phone as fast as the next USB Syncing cable. It is important to note, it is what your device is connected to, via the cable, that decides how fast your device will charge
Is it safe for my phone?
The XL Reversible USB Syncing Cable is made to USB specifications and is completely safe to use with all compatible devices.

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